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Here's what our patients are saying about our office and staff:


"I was completely welcomed and cared for.  The personal, sensitive issue of the bladder was so respectfully addressed, I no longer felt nervous about discussing discomfort.  I felt attended to, informed, and hopeful.  The form of questioning also showed me that I am not alone.  Many women deal with these issues.  I would definitely refer you to my friends." -- Jade


"I work as a receptionist, and Betsy is one of the best receptionists I've ever seen - very "up", makes you feel you are the only person in the room, very welcoming!" -- Anonymous


"I was very amazed that procedures were done and I felt very little discomfort.  I was treated with great care.  I have previously had exams that were painful and I was treated as if I was faking - this was hard to handle, thus took me a long time to try again.  Then met Dr. Van Drie and received excellent care.  I have also learned a whole lot about my condition.  Thank you!" -- Victoria


"Each person, from initial reception thru Dr. Michael Bennett were great." -- Mary


"I was treated with great respect; no one ever did anything before they told me what they were going to do or what would happen.  Thank you!"  -- Elaine


"Very friendly.  Dr. VanDrie explained different procedures well.  Staff are hilarious.  They take painful situations and keep the humor flowing so you don't think about it."   -- Lisa


"Dr. Michael Bennett is wonderful!  He made me feel very comfortable, and completely took away any fears I've had about gynecology doctors.  I appreciate the welcoming staff and great customer service!"   -- Linda


"Don't change a thing.  I've been to many doctors and never have I been treated so wonderfully by the staff and the doctor.  You are all wonderful people and make the visit more relaxing, comfortable and easier to handle.  I have told everyone about Dr. VanDrie and his staff and would recommend them highly."   -- Gail


"This is the most comfortable atmosphere.  It starts with Dr. Jason Bennett and the staff - all the added office treats are a bonus.  Never change, and continue success.  You people are awesome."   -- Crystal